Katie's story

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Katie Stanton is a Vancouver based artist who is originally from England, UK. She grew up being the happiest when she had a paint brush in her hand but when she went to university, she began experimenting with various different media such as photography, installation, sound, video and performance. After graduating from the University of Huddersfield with a first class honors degree in Contemporary Art, she naturally gravitated back to her first love – painting! 

However this was a point her life where things began to change. Katie was thrust into the world of work and paying off student debts and bills and found herself lost in the daily grid. After 3 years of sitting at a desk, she left her job, got rid of her possessions and packed her life into a little bag and left the UK to travel the world. Living as a minimalist, with nothing but a backpack and a camera, gave her the opportunity to experience freedom to explore the world in a different way. She immersed herself into different cultures and was given a new lease of creative inspiration. Her last stop in this journey was Vancouver where she decided to settle for a while and to start her practice again. Broke but inspired, she got herself a small room, a roll of paper and some tubes of acrylic paint. She wasn’t able to afford paint brushes and so she decided to use an alternative method – her fingers.

Through this, Katie discovered a new way of painting and mark making that allowed her to physically connect with each piece through touch and movement. She connects with the viewers through the energy and emotion that flows into and out of each piece. She describes the process of painting with her hands as self-expression where there are no rules and no wrong or right and she lets the process lead her mark by mark as she reaches an almost meditative state. Her work is distinctive for its stunning bold colour, texture and abstract patterns.